Swap Comics: Sprays that do exciting things.


Sprays that do exciting things & other comics was a funny and original comic that made us all laugh. We loved the idea of sprays that do exciting things, and the bonus mini-comic.


Want to invent you own exciting spray? Head over to the the comic club blog for this month’s Comics Challenge and a set of templates.

You can read some reviews of this comic here.

Thanks to Stoneydown Park School Drawing Club and Ben Thompson for taking part!

Swap Comics: Pizza Kittens!


This comic sent in by The Pizza Kittens! has a knockout cover. It compels you to turn the page to read the better-than-awesome comics inside!

This comic was made by members of Neill Cameron‘s Comics Club, which runs every month at the Story Museum in Oxford.

This publication lived up to its claim, and was full of excellent and very funny comics.


This extract from “Dave the Phantom Toilet” by Emile makes brilliant use of image, panel break, caption and thought bubble, allowing the reader to make the connection, rather than spelling out the joke.

We look forward to future comics from the Pizza Kittens!



Make it your own!


Comics come in all shapes, sizes and formats. These examples of comics made by children show some of the million-gazillion options open to comics creators.

Scanning and printing your comic from a computer is one option.

Cover and extract from Anomalies Vol.2 by Josh

Photocopied comics are just as good.

Extracts from Moss Man by Milo and I am a Sloth by Lucy

The size and format of your comic is up to you: A4 or A5? Stapled or stiched? Concertina-book or hand-folded mini-comic?

FullSizeRender (6)

Extract from mini-book series Guy Fawkes and the Phoenix by Lucy

How did you make your last comic? And how will you make your next one?

Comic Swap is open for entries from all sorts of young comics creators making all sorts of comics. Here’s a link to everything you need to know.

There’s still to get involved in our first swap. Email us your completed permission form by Friday 7th April 2017, and make sure your posted comics arrive at Seven Stories: The National Centre for Children’s Books by Friday 14th April 2017.

Many thanks to Josh, Milo and Lucy for sharing their comics.