Swap Comics 2019: The Messed Up Stories…


This year saw our first international contribution to Comic Swap РThe Messed Up Stories by the One the Only Comics Club Рbased at The Downtown School in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA.

This comic was packed with brilliant comics, some of which made us laugh – like this one:


Others had an important message to get across:


We’re really grateful to Ben Towle and all the members of the comic club for taking part in the swap!

Comic Swap countdown!


The Comic Swap dates for 2019 will be posted soon, so keep your eyes peeled for the announcement on this page and on @comic_swap

Over the autumn and winter months of 2018, Hannah and Lydia were busy spreading the word about Comic Swap. Comics from the swap library were on display at Thought Bubble and the Bristol Comic and Zine Fair.

In the lead up to the launch date, we will be showcasing some more comics from the 2018 swap, starting with Hadrian’s Cavalry Comic.

Hannah and Lydia