Comic Swap Comics 2019: Guardians of the Comics


The comic club members at Dundee Comics Creative Space contributed our first ever Comic Swap comic, and have taken part every year so far!

This year’s contribution – Guardians of the Comics – was as brilliant as ever, packed with comics in a wide variety of styles and storytelling. Out of the many brilliant comics in the volume, we thought we’d share this comic by Darcey Maltman. We loved the wordless panels at the start of the comic, and the clever way in which it set up expectations for a different kind of story…


Swap Comics 2019: The Messed Up Stories…


This year saw our first international contribution to Comic Swap – The Messed Up Stories by the One the Only Comics Club – based at The Downtown School in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA.

This comic was packed with brilliant comics, some of which made us laugh – like this one:


Others had an important message to get across:


We’re really grateful to Ben Towle and all the members of the comic club for taking part in the swap!

Comic Swap Comics 2019


Over the next few weeks we’re going to introduce you to the brilliant Comic Swap comics from this year’s swap. Each year we get a bigger range of comics and have a chance to see the variety of different comics being made by young people. We’re going to share examples of work that could inspire other cartoonists – including those using original approaches, some that tackled interesting subject matters, and quite a few that made us laugh.

We’d love to hear back from any of the groups that took part – please tell us your highlights of this year’s Comic Swap!

Swap Dates for 2019!

Lola and Dan

We are very happy to announce the start of our third Comic Swap!

The deadline for this year’s swap is Friday 24th May 2019, which gives you lots of time to  make your comics and get them in the post.

We’re delighted to be working with the brilliant team at Seven Stories: The National Centre for Children’s Books again as the postal home for our swap.

Not sure what Comic Swap is all about? Head over to this page to find out all you need to know about joining in with this year’s swap.

Ready to sign up? Download the permission form (PDF) now!

We can’t wait to see your comics!


Image: Lola and Dan by Lucy (from Widcombe Comic Club’s 2017 swap comic)


Swap Comics: Sprays that do exciting things.


Sprays that do exciting things & other comics was a funny and original comic that made us all laugh. We loved the idea of sprays that do exciting things, and the bonus mini-comic.


Want to invent you own exciting spray? Head over to the the comic club blog for this month’s Comics Challenge and a set of templates.

You can read some reviews of this comic here.

Thanks to Stoneydown Park School Drawing Club and Ben Thompson for taking part!

Swap Comics: Adventure through Space!


Next up is Luna and Tweeny’s Adventure through Space! from the Inkpots Comics Crew.

This comic makes great use of visual storytelling. We loved the use of different angles and close-ups, as well as the heartfelt emotions on the characters’ faces.


We hope there will be more adventures for Luna and Tweeny in the future!

Thanks so much to the Inkpots Comics Crew and to Gill Pawley of Inkpots Writing Workshops!

Swap Comics: Intergalactic Comic-ness


Our next comic comes from the out-of-this-world Meteor Masters. The Meteor Masters are members of the Drawing Comics Club at St Aubyn’s school. You can read about their club here and here.


This funny and brightly coloured comic is full of jokes and great characters, including Dodo and Chipotato, the Crazy Unicorns, and Slimeman.

Top tip from the comic “Toaster”: you are often told not to repeat yourself when you are writing a story or making a comic, but in this panel the repetition in the caption and the speech bubble works brilliantly.


Many thanks to the Meteor Masters and librarian Rhiannon Cook for taking part in the swap!


Swap Comics: Pizza Kittens!


This comic sent in by The Pizza Kittens! has a knockout cover. It compels you to turn the page to read the better-than-awesome comics inside!

This comic was made by members of Neill Cameron‘s Comics Club, which runs every month at the Story Museum in Oxford.

This publication lived up to its claim, and was full of excellent and very funny comics.


This extract from “Dave the Phantom Toilet” by Emile makes brilliant use of image, panel break, caption and thought bubble, allowing the reader to make the connection, rather than spelling out the joke.

We look forward to future comics from the Pizza Kittens!



Swap Comics: Dundee Comics Creative Space

Over the next few weeks we’ll be looking at the different comic clubs that took part in the Comic Swap and showing pictures of their amazing comics.

First up is Da Awesome Comic, sent in by the comic club at Dundee Comics Creative Space.


This club, who also took part in last year’s swap, sent us another brilliant publication full of funny, clever comics, showcasing a wide range of different drawing styles and narratives.

The comics include a magical computer, the day in the life of six different bugs and a cat who really, really likes pancakes.

Reading other people’s comics can give you great ideas for things to try out in your work. We loved the way that several comics in this compilation made use of limited colour in order to highlight the main characters or to draw attention to movements and sound effects.

Tomato and Potato!!! by Harry Higgins

You can find out more about the comic club by reading this interview with DCCS Coordinator Damon Herd on the Comics Club blog.

We can’t wait to read more comics from the talented members of this club!

Comic Swap at Seven Stories!

Seven Stories

On Wednesday this week we had a meeting at Seven Stories: The National Centre for Children’s Books to open up the parcels sent to us by comic clubs from across the country.


Eight sets of amazing comics had been sent to us – from Dundee, Newcastle, Oxford, Bath, Essex, London and Sussex!


We had a brilliant time reading the comics. They were funny, clever and informative. We were also impressed by the sophisticated cartooning skills displayed in the comics.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be looking at each comic in more detail and getting to know the comic clubs that made them a bit better.

The comics are now in the post, and each of the clubs that took part will soon receive a package of five brilliant comics.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to all the clubs that took part, and to Rose Mockford and Seven Stories for supporting the swap!

Hannah and Lydia