Comic Swap

We’re here to help children’s comic groups share their comics.

If you have made a comic as part of a group – at school, in a library, or any other setting – and would like to share your comic please ask one of the adults in charge of your group to read this website.


Your friendly Comic Swap hosts

Hannah Sackett  and Lydia Wysocki

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Want to get involved?

  • Our third Comic Swap is now open! The closing date is Friday 24th May 2019
  • Any questions?  Email us!
  • Our first postal Comic Swap took place in June 2017. Our second postal comic swap took place  in May 2018.

How it works:

You download and fill in a permission form (PDF) and email it to us at comicswapinfo@gmail.com

You post 6 copies of your comic to us at Seven Stories: The National Centre for Children’s Books.

We add one copy of your comic to the Comic Swap library.

We shuffle the comics sent to us by the groups taking part in the swap.

You wait excitedly by the letterbox to receive 5 comics made by other comic swap groups.

You read your new comics!

OPTIONAL EXTRA: Do you want you comic to reach more readers? Send us a printable PDF of your comic for use in mini comic swaps.

DEADLINE – please email us your form and make sure your printed/photocopied comics arrive at Seven Stories by Friday 24th May 2019.

Read the Fine Print!

Each comics swap group must be formed of multiple children and at least one responsible adult.

Your permission form (PDF) must be signed by an adult and posted with your comics.

You must swap a comic that your comic swap group has made, not a comic made by someone else.

Only the first names (or artist names) of children should be included in the comics, unless you have permission from parents/carers to include full names.

All comics submitted to the comic club should be aimed at an All Ages audience. If in doubt, think whether you’d be happy for a 6 year old to be given this comic. 

You  pay postage costs to send your comics to us, then we pay the postage to send you 5 new comics.

The sixth comic will become part of the Comic Swap library, to encourage and inspire more children to make and swap comics. This Comic Swap library may be publicly available within Seven Stories exhibitions and then in touring venues. Images of comics in the Comic Swap library will be shared on the Comics Swap website and twitter (with credits to the comics clubs involved), and images may also be shared online and in print by Seven Stories.


Comic Swap logo by Josh