Comic Swap Comics 2019: Ghost Zine


Ghost Zine is our first Comic Swap contribution by a family group. Ghost Zine was created by brother and sister Joe and Robyn, and features a series of drawings of different types of ghosts.

Thanks to Russel for getting copies of Ghost Zine in the post to us, and thank you to Joe and Robyn for taking part in the swap – we’re big fans of your funny and energetic ghost drawings.

We’re hoping that Ghost Zine will encourage more comic-making siblings/cousins/family groups to take part in future Comic Swaps.


Comic Swap Comics 2019: Banana Heroes


The Drawing Comics Club from St Aubyn’s School were back again this year with the brilliantly titled Banana Heroes comic. The Drawing Comics Club has a shifting membership, but they always turn out excellent comics.

We were especially impressed by the use of bright, eye-catching, colour in Banana Heroes.

Many thanks to librarian Rhiannon Cook and the Drawing Comics Club for taking part in Comic Swap!


Comic Swap Comics 2019: Kingswood Comicals


Another new group to take part in Comic Swap this year is the comic club from Kingswood Primary School in South London. We loved all the stories in this comic, but we decided to share Food Friends by Thomas because it made us laugh, and also because we enjoyed the clear, confident line of Thomas’s drawing.

Thanks so much to Helen Jones and the Kingswood comic club for taking part – we hope to see Volume Two of Kingswood Comicals in Comic Swap 2020!



Comic Swap Comics 2019: Guardians of the Comics


The comic club members at Dundee Comics Creative Space contributed our first ever Comic Swap comic, and have taken part every year so far!

This year’s contribution – Guardians of the Comics – was as brilliant as ever, packed with comics in a wide variety of styles and storytelling. Out of the many brilliant comics in the volume, we thought we’d share this comic by Darcey Maltman. We loved the wordless panels at the start of the comic, and the clever way in which it set up expectations for a different kind of story…


Swap Comics 2019: The Messed Up Stories…


This year saw our first international contribution to Comic Swap – The Messed Up Stories by the One the Only Comics Club – based at The Downtown School in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA.

This comic was packed with brilliant comics, some of which made us laugh – like this one:


Others had an important message to get across:


We’re really grateful to Ben Towle and all the members of the comic club for taking part in the swap!

Comic Swap Comics 2019


Over the next few weeks we’re going to introduce you to the brilliant Comic Swap comics from this year’s swap. Each year we get a bigger range of comics and have a chance to see the variety of different comics being made by young people. We’re going to share examples of work that could inspire other cartoonists – including those using original approaches, some that tackled interesting subject matters, and quite a few that made us laugh.

We’d love to hear back from any of the groups that took part – please tell us your highlights of this year’s Comic Swap!