Swap Comics: Sprays that do exciting things.


Sprays that do exciting things & other comics was a funny and original comic that made us all laugh. We loved the idea of sprays that do exciting things, and the bonus mini-comic.


Want to invent you own exciting spray? Head over to the the comic club blog for this month’s Comics Challenge and a set of templates.

You can read some reviews of this comic here.

Thanks to Stoneydown Park School Drawing Club and Ben Thompson for taking part!

Swap Comics: Adventure through Space!


Next up is Luna and Tweeny’s Adventure through Space! from the Inkpots Comics Crew.

This comic makes great use of visual storytelling. We loved the use of different angles and close-ups, as well as the heartfelt emotions on the characters’ faces.


We hope there will be more adventures for Luna and Tweeny in the future!

Thanks so much to the Inkpots Comics Crew and to Gill Pawley of Inkpots Writing Workshops!