Comic Swap Update

Given the current situation we are rethinking deadlines and submission details for Comic Swap. We’ll share an update on our planning as soon as we can – keep making your comics, but please don’t send us anything yet. We’re still committed to this project and are working out the logistics for 2020 and beyond.


Comic Swap 2020


We are very happy to announce the launch of Comic Swap 2020!!!

The deadline for this year’s swap is Friday 22nd May 2020.

We’re delighted to be working with the brilliant team at Seven Stories: The National Centre for Children’s Books again as the postal home for our swap.

Full details of how to take part in this year’s swap, including deadlines and permission forms can be found here.

If you’ve taken part before and are keen to get involved again, you can download a Permission Form now!

We can’t wait to read your comics!!!

Image: Cloudy by Erin (from Widcombe Comic Club Volume 3)




Comic Swap Comics 2019: Widcombe Comic Club Volume 3

Widcombe Comic Club took part in Comic Swap again, with Volume 3 of their comic. This year the comic came with bonus top trump cards made by Erin.


The comics covered a range of subjects and art styles. We loved the drawings in “Cow the chicken ninja” by Alexander.

Widcombe detail

We also enjoyed the mean-looking shark and the original layout of Oscar’s comic.


Thanks to school librarian Kate Maughan and the Widcombe Comic Club members for sharing their comic!

Comic Swap Comics 2019: Cholera Commotions

Check out the brilliant cover on the Cholera Commotions comic sent to us by Berwick Comics group!


This comics anthology collaboration was created by Berwick Academy students, Northumberland Archives, Museums Northumberland, Applied Comics Etc, Newcastle University and Printspot. The comic was made as part of a Learning Arc: Archives Education Group project.


The comics in this collection are entertaining, educational and make use of great artwork and design.

Thanks to everyone involved in the comic, including Linda Bankier of the Berwick Record Office and the students from Berwick Academy, for taking part in Comic Swap 2019!

You can read the whole of Cholera Commotions on the Applied Comics Etc. website.

Comic Swap Comics 2019: Zap Jack

The comics created by Earlston High School comic club showcased some great artwork and entertaining storytelling.


“Zap Jack” was a great story, full of humour and energetic artwork.


We loved the details in this comic, like the sound effects, the drops of sweat and the entertaining dialogue.


Thanks to group leader Mr Adam and to the Earlston High School comic club for taking part in Comic Swap 2019!



Comic Swap Comics 2019: The Jaw-somest Comic


This comic comes from returning Comic Swappers – the Comic Club run by Neill Cameron at the Oxford Story Museum.

The Jaw-somest Comic was full of very funny dinosaur-themed comics, including the excellent Cheesosaurus by Tabitha.


Thanks so much to Neill and the Comic Club members for taking part again – we hope to have the chance to read another comic from them in 2020!

Comic Swap Comics 2019: Comic Youth

Continuing our review of the wonderful comics from the 2019 swap, next up is Comic Youth, sent to us by the Saturday Cartoon Club, Sheffield.


This comic contained an array of comics, showing great use of colour, narrative and humour.

We enjoyed reading this comic about Mia and Clover, and their fight against a monster that invades their town. We really liked the way the comic ended with a party!

Thanks so much to group organiser Ed Syder for sending us the comics and to all the club members for taking part.

Thought Bubble!


Comic Swap is heading to Thought Bubble Comic Art Fair this weekend!

We will have the Comic Swap comics on display for you to read, and you can find out more about how to take part in next year’s Comic Swap!

Find Lydia Wysocki/Applied Comics Etc on Table 39 in The Pride Hall, and Hannah Sackett on Table 144a in the Ask for Mercy Hall.

We’d love any young cartoonists, teachers, librarians, parents, arts educators, etc to come and talk to us about the opportunities for children and young people to make and share their own comics.

Comic Swap Comics 2019: Ghost Zine


Ghost Zine is our first Comic Swap contribution by a family group. Ghost Zine was created by brother and sister Joe and Robyn, and features a series of drawings of different types of ghosts.

Thanks to Russel for getting copies of Ghost Zine in the post to us, and thank you to Joe and Robyn for taking part in the swap – we’re big fans of your funny and energetic ghost drawings.

We’re hoping that Ghost Zine will encourage more comic-making siblings/cousins/family groups to take part in future Comic Swaps.


Comic Swap Comics 2019: Banana Heroes


The Drawing Comics Club from St Aubyn’s School were back again this year with the brilliantly titled Banana Heroes comic. The Drawing Comics Club has a shifting membership, but they always turn out excellent comics.

We were especially impressed by the use of bright, eye-catching, colour in Banana Heroes.

Many thanks to librarian Rhiannon Cook and the Drawing Comics Club for taking part in Comic Swap!